You Describe it, We Build it

At R & D Cross of Brandywine, we work directly with Blue Chip Structures to provide premium products designed to industry-leading standards. Blue Chip works with industry-leading material suppliers to create the perfect building package that works best for what you want. Within this package are three main suppliers: Rigidply Rafters, Fabral and Plyco.

Blue Chip uses the Storm Frame Plus system, which has more lumber and bracing than any other pre-engineered system. This ensures longer building life, stronger structure, and overall better performance. Through strong post foundations, high strength wall bracing, and various truss designs, your custom building has a warranty backed by Blue Chip Structures, guaranteed to last a lifetime.
Rigidply Rafters supplies the trusses needed to build sturdy buildings with incredible frame structures. They also use the glu-lam columns which are lighter, straighter and stronger than solid or nail-laminated posts. To finish it off, Rigidply supplies wood siding and interior finish for a superior look that’s guaranteed to last.
Fabral supplies the metal roofing and materials needed for a sturdy roof. Fabral has a variety of colors that you can choose from for your custom building.
Plyco provides supplies for the post-frame building and commercial construction industries.